Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A beautiful emotional mess

I am so grateful to be a woman. Once a month no matter what walls I have constructed, they get taken down so lovingly. I work so hard to keep it all "together", managing myself and my family well, that I forget to stop and appreciate life. Everything is under control. My reactions, emotions, how I process interactions with others; except for one week. I am beginning to think that this is God's way of reminding us that we as women were created to feel. Durning this time I am more aware of how grateful I am for my kids, my friends near and far, and for my spouse. ( Whom I really happen LIKE) No longer am I going to feel silly for all of a sudden crying at a sappy commercial, a touching story, or empathizing with a friend. God's grace and the magnitude of it is rained down on me to make me less hard and jaded. A reminder once again that I am more Renae when I allow myself to feel and to be. Humanity is a gift. When we loose sight of our intricate workings, we loose sight of who we were created and designed to be. So go ahead, laugh loud, celebrate the life you have with those lucky enough to be around you. Cry at injustice, mourn at the loss of humanity, and pray for the strength to show God's abundant grace. It's ok to feel, and at times have a bit of dark chocolate.

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